Sunday March 21, 2010

We want to invite you to come and visit us at Carr Lane Baptist Church when you are in the area.

The songs we sing are from the Baptist Hymnal, we don’t have a projector or t.v. screen to view the songs on;  you will hold the hymnal.  We gather at the altar to pray in lift petitions to our Lord.

I will be preaching a message from God’s Word; preparing for the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ; which we celebrate every Sunday.

The message for this Sunday is “The King’s Verdict” from Matthew 23:1-12 for the morning message, and “The King Announces ‘Woe'” from Matthew 23:13-36 for the evening message.

Be ready for the coming of the King.  He will set the world right, and reign from His throne in Jerusalem.  Help be a part of getting many into that Kingdom.  Spread the seeds of His Word.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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