Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Update 04/16/10

Please pray for the Christians in Iran, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan.

“And when the builders laid the foundation of the temple of the LORD, they set the priests in their apparel with trumpets, and the Levites the sons of Asaph with cymbals, to praise the LORD, after the ordinance of David king of Israel.  And they sang together by course in praising and giving thanks unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever toward Israel. And all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.”  Ezra 3:10-11 (KJV)

“Prayer is the pulse of life; by it the doctor can tell what is the condition of the heart. The sin of prayerlessness is a proof for the ordinary Christian or minister that the life of God in the soul is in deadly sickness and weakness.” – Andrew Murray

“praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints” – Ephesians 6:18

VOM-USA Prayer Update for April 16, 2010
On Tue. Apr 13 2010 at 01:07 PM Moderator wrote:
IRAN — Christians Released from Prison — Farsi Christian News Network

On March 17, Maryam Jalili, Mitra Zahmati and Farzan Matin were released from prison after being held 80 days, according to Farsi Christian News Network. The three were arrested along with 12 other believers on Dec. 24 at a home near Tehran, where they had gathered for a Christmas celebration. Their families had been concerned that the three were being interrogated and were physically weak or perhaps sick. Praise the Lord that these believers have been released from prison. Pray that they will continue to serve Christ boldly, and continue to pray for other Christians in Iran who are imprisoned because of their faith.

Psalm 27:1

VIETNAM — Update: Family Flees Village — Compass Direct News

On March 9, Sung Cua Po, a Hmong Christian, fled into the forest with his family after authorities ordered their expulsion, according to Compass Direct News. The family has suffered severe abuse from villagers and local Vietnamese officials in recent months. In mid-February, Sung Cua’s father pressured him to make offerings to family ancestors, but he refused. Later that month, community members took the family’s entire one-year supply of 40 bags of rice. Police were also authorized to demolish the family’s home, if necessary. Pray that God will protect and provide for Sung Cua and his family. Pray that their example of steadfast faith will draw others to Jesus Christ and that Vietnamese authorities will stop harassing Christians.

Isaiah 57:17

KAZAKHSTAN — Christians Targeted for Religious Activity — Forum 18 News

On April 1, Vissa Kim, pastor of Grace Light of Love Church, was fined 10 months’ salary for “harming a woman’s health by praying for her,” according to Forum 18 News. “Now it looks like pastors will get fines for praying for the sick in churches,” a member of Kim’s church told Forum 18. Elsewhere in Kazakhstan, government authorities are targeting Christian-run drug rehabilitation centers. Sergei Mironov, who operates a clinic in Taraz, southern Kazakhstan, was given one year’s restriction on freedom of movement after being convicted of depriving a client of his freedom, according to Forum 18. Authorities have reportedly closed his clinic. In addition, a criminal case has been opened against the leader of another Christian-run rehabilitation center in Almaty. “Religious communities can do social work, but only if they do it in accordance with the Religion Law,” a government official told Forum 18 concerning Mironov’s case. Praise God for the courage of these Christians in Kazakhstan. Pray that they will remain faithful and that their testimonies will draw their persecutors to Christ. Also pray that the charges against the Christians will be dismissed.

Romans 8:31

Let’s pray that we all, in Christ Jesus, be faithful as we await His return.
-posted by t.a.

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