Prayer Requests

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

May 2018 –

Please join me in praying for the following…


Urgent Prayers Needed:

urgent needs for deliverance for a family.
Pray that God will move mightily this very afternoon and completely remove every thing that have been coming against me from weeks before until today.


  1. We lift you and your family to the Lord in prayer, and pray His richest blessing, healing, and health on you all. Bro. Tim

January 2016 –

03 –  All the victims of flooding over the State of Missouri;  The storm victims in other States such as Texas, and that all the volunteers aiding, and working these hard situations will be wise and safe;  Juanita Blankenship – suffered a stroke on 1/02, was flighted to hospital received TPA  treatment, and is doing well at last word;

December 2015 –

17-  Landry’s friend – cancer; Sarah Lynn Blankenship – surgery to remove lumps on Dec. 22, 2015;  M. Owings and family – wife passed away;  Steve Blankenship – sickness;  James – cirrhosis of liver;  continue praying for the people of Islam to receive revelation of the true identity of Jesus Christ, Son of God, and God the Son;

12 –  Continue to pray for the victims of the California Islamic terrorism shooting;  Pray for our nation as we deal with the matter of terrorism, and those associated with it;  Continue to pray for baby Harper Sarten, and family home, but still recovering from surgery;  Landry’s friend with cancer (God knows);  Pray for those who are perishing in their sins: that they will be convicted of their sin, and believe in Christ Jesus and His finished work on the cross;  Worship services in all Bible believing churches around the world on Sunday that Christ Jesus be exalted, souls will be saved.

05 –  R Vincent – recovering from recent surgery;  Mike Blankenship – health issues;  S. Turner – stomach issues;  O Wilson – health issues;  Dorothy – health issues;  C. Moore – tested positive for prostate cancer;  California victims of Islamic terrorism on Wednesday December 02;

November 2015 –

21 –  Jesse Brown – health issues;  Gary Wilson – heart health;  continue to pray for Ryker a baby boy recently born with complications, now home;  pray for the crisis with ISIS, and all terrorism, for the salvation of muslim men and women;

October 2015 –

31 –  Carl Moore – cancer;  Randy Comer – Having knee replacement surgery Nov. 3, 2015;  Vicki Rinker grandson – has a rare disease; Shiloah Baptist Church – Prophecy Revival June 12-15, 2016;

11 –  Please pray for the Robin Kroll family – She passed away a few weeks ago;  Christina – painful foot; Michelle – injured in car accident;  Harper Sartin – baby with pulmanary valve problem;  Dustin Moore – life situations;  Oregon shooting victims and families;  Kember Carter – 2 yr. old bitten twice by copperhead snake, home and doing well, now;  Opal Wilson – spinal compression and pain;  Don Davis – knee surgery coming up;

June 2015 –

21-  Nathan Grimm – Cancer;  Linda & Jim Toller – Health situations;  The A.M.E. Church in South Carolina – Thanks for God’s grace and love working through the people, family members and any who were killed in the attack;  Robin Kroll – health and family situation;  Continue to pray for our Nation, our Churches, and the abominable ruling by SCOTUS on June 26, 2015.

13 –  Dean Smith – Health, stomach; Robin Kroll – going through Chemo treatments;  Opal Wilson – health and aging;  John Yeats – wife Sharon diagnosed with cancer;  Nation of Israel – God’s continued support, and protection, and for salvation.

07 –  Henry Blankenship – major health issues;  Ilene Basey family – Ilene passed away;  David Griffith – scar tissue on brain;  Gary Sartin family – Gary recently passed away;  Supreme Court of the U.S. of A. – on decision concerning marriage.

May 2015 –

30-  Ruth Lay – cancer returned;  Family of Josh Chaney – Josh passed away;  Robin Kroll – time for healing and recovery at home;  Supreme Court of the USA – wisdom, Biblical knowledge of marriage as they make decision that has already been decided by God and His word;  Wyatt – St. Louis Children’s hospital has infection;  Robert and Abbey Griffith – Spiritual renewal and salvation;  Our Church and community;  The State of Texas – flooding and victims of the floods;  Randy and Sheena Comer – His pastor and mentor passed away and they are attending the funeral;  First Baptist Church of Purdy, MO.  –  recent fire and damage to building.

14-   Carol Roller – given news of no cancer in lymph nodes;  Wyatt 8 years old – seizures;  Titus Taylor – born 15 weeks premature;  Terry Palmer – needs to find home for family of 5 children; Robin Kroll – needing further surgery;  Supreme Court Justices – as they decide about Marriage in the U. S. of A.;  Am Trak – derailed in Baltimore killing several people, pray for families of victims.

11 –  Robin Kroll will be having surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and stints between her kidney and bladder.

02 –  Carol Roller – cancer, had vasectomy on Friday (5/01/15);  Baltimore – moral and spiritual chaos in that city that have brought about riots, disharmony, etc.;  Mike Blankenship – ongoing health issues;  Steve Blankenship – still trying to find cause of recent pain issues;  United States Supreme Court – as they make a determination about the issue of marriage; Cliff – had emergency surgery last week;  Eilene Basey and family – liver function, failure;  Sue Sturgell – infection.

April 2015 –

11 – Tina Scott went home on Thursday (April 09 I think);  Caitlyn and Jonathan Foster have bronchitus (grand daughter and grandson of pastor);  Sarah Lynn Blankenship’s grandmother passed away, please continue to pray for family, following burial on Friday April 10;  The persecuted believers around the world.

06 –  This prayer request comes from a Facebook friend;  Please help our family pray for Tina Scott, Mark’s wife. She was in an ATV accident Saturday and is in ICU with internal injuries.

MARCH 2015 –

18 –  Tony Woolsey – cancer;  Brandon Forrester – serving as missionary in Vanuatu, pray for families and victims of the storm;  Josh Chaney – health issues;  Pray for the persecuted Church around the world.


18 –  The Standley family in Arkansas; Our Church; Our nation and leaders; The peace of Israel;  The deliverance of souls from Islam;  The persecuted Church in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Africa, Russia, China, and others; the U. S. Supreme Court as it deals with the Marriage issue in April – pray they will make a Biblical, and godly decision concerning “Same sex marriage”.

11 –  Matt Cooper – is having heart problems, stroke, pneumonia;  Dorothy Wilson – has fallen broken collarbone and is under special care;  Robin Kroll – moving back home;  Tyler Pendergraft – seriously beaten, in hospital care.  Remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted for their faith;  Pastor Saheed Abedini held prisoner in Iran now for over two years; and others.

JANUARY 2015 –

21 – The Supreme Court of the U.S. of A.  concerning the upcoming hearing on same-sex marriage;  Continue to pray for Denny and Linda Ball continued recovery; Jenny and Andy;  Revival meeting in June; Zebulon Blankenship healing from illness.

OCTOBER 2014 –

15 – Please pray for Steven Blankenship.  He has been admitted to the hospital with possible antifreeze poisoning.

AUGUST 2014 –

21 –  Please pray for Mike Blankenship.  At the present he is in Cox hospital with heart problem. May be released today if all goes well.

17 –  Pray for Denny & Linda Ball – their house burned.  Also Buford Ball, Denny’s father just diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Please pray

JULY 2014 –

18 –  Pray for Steve Carter on a Mission Trip involving a dangerous situation;  Pray for Lynn Messer who has been missing since July 08, 2014 in the Ste. Genevieve county area of East Missouri.

02 –  Please pray for Clint and Bobbi Blankenship and rest of the family.  The funeral of their two month old baby boy Bryson Parker is today at 11 a.m. at the Clio cemetery.

JUNE 2014 –

20 –  On April 14, a family of Hmong believers in
Vietnam were beaten and forced from their
home. For months, local authorities and
villagers had pressured (a 37year old man), his
wife and their four children to renounce
their faith, but they refused. After beating
the couple and their 9-year-old son,
authorities forced the family to leave,
seizing their home and property, including
10 bags of rice and 125 chickens. The man
and his wife became Christians in February
2013 and were the only Christians in the
village. VOM contacts ask for prayer for
the man, his wife and their four children, ages
9, 6, 4 and 1.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. J.Kelly

    Urgent Prayers Needed:

    urgent needs for deliverance for a family.
    Pray that God will move mightily this very afternoon and completely remove every thing that have been coming against me from weeks before until today.


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