Romans 9:6-13 The Word of Promise

The Word Of Promise Romans 9:6-13 Remembering that we are looking at a parenthetical statement, which gives a clearer understanding of what Paul is writing about in chapter 8 and assuring the Roman Christians that the promises of God are good, and that He will not break or void any of them; we come to … Continue reading Romans 9:6-13 The Word of Promise

Romans 4:1-4 Unique–Saving Faith

Unique – Saving Faith Romans 4:1-25 It was, and probably still is, a popular belief among Jews of Paul’s day and Jews and non-Jews of our day to believe that Abraham was declared righteous by God due to his obedience. Paul puts the record straight. How were people of the Old Testament saved? Was it … Continue reading Romans 4:1-4 Unique–Saving Faith