Update On ‘Pastors and Preaching’

In the article I titled “Pastors and Preaching” I mentioned a pastor whom I know and had told one of his church members “There are two sides to the issue…” concerning the Amendment # 2 in Missouri on November 07, 2006.

I just found out today, that he had evidently, declared that he was voting against Amendment # 2 in his churches newsletter.  He had even listed some things describing the problems with embryonic stem cell research.

My suspicion is that he may have made that comment before he knew anything of the Amendment, but when he discovered the truth of it he did speak out.  I thank the Lord for that.

I am very appreciative of all those men of God who will speak the truth of God’s Word, and not fear the outcome from men. Let’s always remember to pray for our pastors.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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