Sermon Bites 07/19/08

The Beginning Of Sorrows, And The Signs

Matthew 24:1-8

In looking at the Olivet Discourse we see that the disciples are still without understanding concerning the death, burial and resurrection; and they are still looking for Him to set up an earthly kingdom at that present time. The thought of the temple being destroyed was beyond their thinking and curious minds. The temple; to the people of Israel represented a security, and the presence of God.

1. The value of the temple, buildings, and things compared to a human soul (v. 1).

*  + Struck by Jesus’s words of desolation, the disciples seemed to have been seeking the value of the temple.
* + The things of man, buildings, possessions, wealth will all be shaken; that souls might be saved.

2. Jesus speaks of the destruction of all that the flesh place its trust and rest (v. 2).
3. Three questions which are asked in our day too (v. 3),

* + When will these things happen?
* + What are the signs of the Lord’s coming?
* + What are the signs of the end of the age?

4. In answer to the last question Jesus warns of deceivers coming using His name (vv. 4-5).
5. Another sign of the end of the age will be multiple wars, and rumors of wars (vv. 6-7a).
6. There will be pestilence, famine; and there will be earthquakes in various places (vv. 7b-8).

* + Jesus says these are only “birth pains” of what is to come.

-Tim A. Blankenship

To read more on this you may read at FIRE AND HAMMER.

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