Classic Friday 02/06/09

This week I bring you a new Classic Friday excerpt, from a preacher, and more than a preacher; a man who loved the Lord and His Word.  W. A. Criswell went home to be with the Lord only a few short years ago.  This excerpt is from a sermon titled “The Seven Mightiest Miracles” from Genesis 1:1.  Be blessed.

“And I want to show you something marvelous and unbelievable about that. Every great man whose life is ever recounted, whose biography is ever written, without exception, from the beginning to the end of the world, all of them speak of their lives. The glory is found in their lives. Take any of them. Washington, as he crossed the Delaware and helped build the foundations of America; or Lincoln as he tried to preserve the Union. It goes on, world without end. There is one exception to that. And that is in the life of Jesus. His glory is in his death—in his death. Of the first three Gospels, one-third of all of it speaks of the last week of His life. And in the Gospel of John, one half of all the Gospel of John is in the last week of our Savior’s life. And what did Paul say? “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of Christ my Lord” [Galatians 6:14]. Isn’t that an unbelievable thing? Oh, dear, it is a remarkable thing—the testimony to the Lord Jesus. The great German literary genius Jean-Paul Richter, said, “Jesus, the holiest among the mighty and the mightiest among the holy, has lifted up with His pierced hands, empires off their hinges, has turned the stream of centuries out of its channel and still governs the ages.” And Mark Hopkins, an American educator and college president, said, “Christ was placed mid-most in the world’s history. And in that central position, He towers like some vast mountain to heaven, the farther slope stretching backward toward the creation, the hither slope toward the consummation of all things. The ages before looked to Him with prophetic gaze. The ages since behold Him by historic faith. By both He is seen in common as the brightness of the Father’s glory and the unspeakable gift of God to the human race.” Isn’t that eloquence? And so true. I majored in English and have an affinity for Robert Browning. In his great poem “The Death in the Desert” it is written, describing, you know, in his poetic imagination, the death of the Apostle John, who was about 100 years of age. Here he says, “I say,” quoting John, “the acknowledgment of God in Christ accepted by thy reason, solves for thee all questions in the earth and out of it, and has so far advanced thee to be wise.” That is the Lord Jesus.”

You may go to the following link and read the whole sermon. At W. A. Criswell

Remember to attend worship Jesus in your local church on Sunday.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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