Daily Bible Reading Comments 01/04/10

Just to give a quick catch up of the weekend reading; in chapter four we read of the first murder of one brother against the other, we see a wicked genealogy, come from Cain who doesn’t care one bit for God, godliness, or life in the final verses of  chapter four.

In chapter five we find the genealogy of Seth through Noah, and God’s line of deliverance and salvation.  Chapters six through nine gives us the call of Noah, the doom coming on the world for destruction by flood due to the wickedness of mankind’s heart with the exception of Noah, who “…found grace in the eyes of the LORD”, believed God and obeyed Him; and God used him for the salvation of the human race and the animal kingdom.  The wonderful grace of God.

Today’s reading is Genesis 10-12 –

Yet, even with Noah, who himself was a sinner,  “who found grace in the eyes of the LORD” and his sons were found to have the seed of sin, thus sin progressed and grew, yet the world of the ancients was not left without hope.

In chapter ten we have another genealogy.  In the genealogy we find that all the descendants of the world which came through Noah following the world wide flood.  Shem, Ham and Japheth were the three sons whom God used to replenish the earth.

We learn of a great “hunter”.  He was a hunter to destroy God.  A “mighty” world leader of that time who built Babel from which is believed to have become Babylon.  Many world leaders of our day [2010] are much like him in their evil spirit, seeking to only overthrow all that is Biblical, godly, Christian, and holy in the world.  However, just as the building of the tower was thwarted by the sovereign hand of God (11:1-9), so too will all human attempts to defeat the work of the Almighty God, our Creator.

In the latter part of chapter 11 we find a genealogy of the line of a man of faith.  Abram is his name.  He comes from a land called Ur.  Ur was a wicked land, but Abram was called out by the LORD to a land he had never seen, and to leave all that he was familiar with, and to trust the Lord GOD with his life.

Promised a son at the age of seventy five to he and his wife Sarai they journeyed on in faith.  Not without failure, but never without faith.  They grew in faith.  Every step of faith was tested and tried, but they held strong to the promise of God.

When Abram, Sarai, and Lot had arrived in the land it wasn’t long and a drought came, and they departed from the promise for greener pastures, but they would return, but with excess baggage.

For a lesson to this we must learn to trust God to keep us in the place He has called us, and trust that every need will be met.  If and/or when we depart that place of promise we will come back to it.  It is God’s keeping power of love and grace that will take us through.  We cannot never thwart, or hinder the plan of God.

Tuesdays Daily reading – Genesis 13-16

May God’s richest blessings be with you today.


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