…Comments 01/12/10

Today’s Reading Genesis 32 – 33 –

In these two chapters we find Jacob returning to the land of Canaan, and meeting his brother Esau who was angry with him when he left; so angry in fact that he wanted to kill him.

On the way to meet his brother Jacob meets the LORD in the form of a man, and “wrestles” Him.  We all have our wrestling matches with God through our discontent, at times even being angry with God, disobedient, and then God gets hold of something in our lives that causes some pain, and we lose the match, but end up winning with God receiving the glory.

The final verse of chapter33 tells us,

“And he erected there an altar, and called it Elelohe-Israel.”  Genesis 33:20 (KJV)

We can see in this that his heart is set to the LORD and His will; no longer Jacob’s will.  God has done and continues doing a great work in Jacob’s life, whose name is now Israel (32:28).

“El elohe-Israel” means “God, the God of Israel”, and seems to mean that Jacob has aligned himself with the Holy One of Israel, the Mighty God of Israel who is the God of all that is.  Jacob has returned to the place where Abraham first erected an altar many years previous to this.  The altar is renewed, the covenant is renewed, and the journey of faith continues.

One thing to keep your eye on in the coming readings and studies is that the descendants of Esau continue holding a grudge, so Esau’s peace with Jacob is only external, but not of his heart.  I believe I can say that because the children hold the grudge, that is the children of Edom, and continue to attack the descendants of Jacob for many more years.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”.

THE READING FOR JANUARY 13 will be Genesis 34 – 36.

Have a glorious day in the LORD.


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