022811 …Lest he cry against thee unto the LORD…

“Thou shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy, whether he be of thy brethren, or of thy strangers that are in thy land within thy gates:  at his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it; for he is poor, and setteth his heart upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the LORD, and it be sin unto thee.”  Deuteronomy 24:14-15 (KJV)

Today’s Bible Reading –

Deuteronomy 23 – 25

3 thoughts on “022811 …Lest he cry against thee unto the LORD…

  1. I think the best reason not to “oppress an hired servant” is exactly because he (or she) is of my brethren as all children of God are brethren of the First Born as am I.

    Somehow, someone followed a link in your blog to mine. I can’t find it here, but I am pleased nonetheless.

    I am enjoying your blog and am blessed by it. I will be following it now and linking you also in my blogroll.

    In the Love of Christ, michael

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