Dealing With Suffering

This is from Sunday morning’s sermon (January 01, 2017).

Job 1:6-19

Job was one man who suffered more than most of us do.  He was known of by the prophet Ezekiel.  He was spoken of by James the half brother of Jesus in the book of James.  Job lost all that he possessed; including all ten of his children.  He did not lose his wife, or his life, or his  faith.

How can the Christian today make it through the trials, tribulations, pain, and suffering we will endure?  There are four things which will help us:

  1.  We must always know that God is sovereign in all things.  It is said that the name for God… “The Almighty” is used at least 31 times in the book of Job.  God knows and cares for His own.  We can rest in that.  Like Job, we do not know the scene which takes place in heaven. Our accuser was Job’s accuser.  God will show Himself strong to all those who love Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).  He knows the beginning from the end; and the end from the beginning.  Also remember, Satan cannot touch God’s people except He have our Father’s permission.
  2.  We must also realize that Satan; our accuser; does have access to God.  However, he must always leave the presence of God; that is not the place He dwells.  He will be cast out forever from the presence of God in the day of his judgment (See Revelation 20:10).
  3.   God found no fault with Job; He called him “Perfect”, and that does not mean sinless, but forgiven.  The same is true with all who have believed in God’s grace, receiving His gift of faith and grace through the death on Calvary’s cross, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. See 1 John 1:9.
  4.   We must realize that there is no sorrow, sickness or suffering that comes into our lives that is outside the will of God.  That may be difficult for some of us to swallow, but when we know that God is Sovereign in all things, then we must recognize that nothing is beyond His purview or authority.  If you are suffering does not necessarily mean that it is due to some sin you have committed.  It may be due to the same reason for Job’s suffering; proving to the devil, the power of our faith; which comes from God (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Let me make this clear.  There is suffering that is due to sin in one’s life.  It is not for the one looking on to make that determination.  God makes that determination, and He will let that suffering individual know. We as Christians are to minister to; through encouragement, comfort, faith, and our compassion add to their faith.

Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Suffering will not end because you trust Him, but you will have a Man in heaven who intercedes for you.  That Man in heaven is Jesus.

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