And he believed in the LORD; and He counted it to him for righteousness. Genesis 15:6 (KJV)

I am not an accountant, neither do I do well in mathematics.  I need lessons in accounting more than some.  There is something I do know about Genesis 15:6 though; maybe not as much as a theologian or another Bible Student.

This is a verse that is used in the New Testament as well.  It is intended to be used for believers in all time periods.

Let us get something straight before I get into this study:  God does not owe Adamkind a thing.  Did you hear that?  Did you catch that in your ear and heart?  God owes you nothing.  In all truth when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden called Eden they became indebted to God.  We all owe Him a debt we cannot pay.

In the above verse, we see that Abram or Abraham believed God; the Genesis verse says “He believed in the LORD…”  The New Testament Romans 4:3 says, “Abraham believed God…”  which is more than our idea of “believing in”.  The New Testament tells us that even the “demons believe and tremble” (James 2:19), so there is more to this “believe in” there than a mere head acknowledgment. There is much said of faith in our world today, but who or what do we put faith in?

Abraham believed God.  He put his whole confidence, trust, and life into God, and what God said.

The matter of accounting is this – We are bankrupt in our spiritual bank account with no way of getting to God, heaven or a blessed eternal life.  We are dead in trespasses and sin (Ephesians 2:1).  God who is Spirit has spent His riches of heaven for us to have all that we need.  His riches in heaven is His Son, Jesus.  When we put our faith in what God says through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ we become riches with the wealth of glory.

Here is a human way of looking at it.  Bill Gates and his wife are wealthy beyond some of our imaginations, worth in the billions of dollars.  If you are like me, you can say that God has blessed you, you are not jealous of those who are wealthy, but it sure would not hurt to have a little more.  In looking at the Gates’ I am bankrupt financially.  What if, the Gates’ decided they liked me so much that they would bankrupt themselves to help me out, and they wired all their wealth into my bank account.  Would that not we an eye-opening moment.  That is not going to happen neither do I want it to happen.  In many ways, I feel remorse for the wealth of the wealthy when they are not connected to the wealth of heaven’s grace.

That is what Jesus did for you and me.  He took our sin debt upon Himself and paid the debt with His perfect sinless life.  We do not have to continue in bankruptcy of sin any longer.  The debt is paid.  All you need to do is receive the gift. It is yours by calling on the name of Jesus, and the wealth and riches of glory and heaven are yours.  When we call on His name it is due to the fact that He emptied His account, and put it into ours.

Call on Him today.

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