Love the LORD Your God

“Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, that ye love the LORD your God.”  Joshua 23:11 (KJB)

God desires that we love Him.  We show that love by hiding the word in our hearts that we not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11), and it becomes a part of our everyday lives.

The thought is often presented, or the question is asked about the Word of God whether it is applicable for Christian life and living in 2018.  For any of us the answer is, Yes!  Are we to live by Old Testament Law in 2018.  The answer to that is –  The people given the law could not  live and obey it completely.  Who are we to think that we can?  We are to hear, and live with love for God, and His word, and His laws will be dear to us.

We must understand that the law of God was given to the Hebrew people to prepare them for the One who was to come and put away the sin of the world, and who would also save the world.  This was fulfilled by the coming of Jesus the Messiah [Jesus Christ], and His death on the cross, His burial, and bodily resurrection.  Some will say, “Well of course resurrection implies bodily, so why say bodily resurrection?”  My answer to that is because some say they believe in the “resurrection”, but only a “spiritual resurrection”.  Figure that out, if you can.

The Ten Commandments are practical and useful and needed by every society.  They still show to us that we are a needy people, in need, very much in need of the grace of God.

In the above verse (Joshua 23:11) we have Joshua, nearing the end of his life, and reminding, encouraging the people to remember faithfulness  to the LORD God, His laws, and that is what is meant when we “Love God”.  So yes, these words are for God’s people in every age.

God is faithful to His word.  We must be faithful to Him as well.  We must remember that what the LORD has said – the positive promises and the negative promises – will be carried out, fulfilled just as the LORD has said.  Not one word will be diminished nor unfulfilled.

“Love the LORD your God”.

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