Please read 1 Samuel 26 – 28…

“So David took the spear and the cruse of water from Saul’s bolster; and they gat them away, and no man saw it, nor knew it, neither awaked: for they were all asleep; because a deep sleep from the LORD was fallen upon them.” 1 Samuel 26:12 (KJB)
“For they were all asleep because a deep sleep from the LORD had fallen on them.” 26:12b (NKJB)

As you can see King Saul was caught in one of those vulnerable situations we mentioned yesterday.  It does not seem that there is any more vulnerable time than when we are sleeping.  We need sleep for our bodies to recuperate, and renew for a new day.

The account of these words are such that we can learn about the sleep that occurs here.

David and Abishai – brother of Joab – were in Saul’s camp while they are sleeping.  Abishai wants to kill King Saul and David refuses because  Saul, though he is cold and distant from God, he is God’s present anointed king.

The Scripture above tells us the LORD had put on Saul and his men a “deep sleep”; meaning to me that this is a God thing.  Why would God cause a deep sleep on Saul and the whole camp?

Saul was experiencing, not only God’s mercy, but also David’s mercy from a God-given heart.  David feared the LORD not Saul.  David ran from Saul to avoid killing Saul.  Sometimes the best policy for not hurting someone else is to just stay away from them when there seems to be no way to work out your differences.

I could ask, Why is it that Saul can sleep so well, so deeply?  Since he has an obstinate, rebellious, and disobedient heart for God; How?

The LORD  was getting Saul’s attention reminding him that He called, ordained, and anointed him to be king; act like one.  All King Saul needed to do is repent and turn to God.  Admitting God is right and we are wrong is difficult until we realize we are walking, living, breathing His air, and that it is solely by His grace that we are.

God shows us all divine mercies everyday.  Have you noticed?  Does God just seem like a distant and/or non-existent being to you?  Yet, you see kindnesses from others that you hold as despicable, deplorable, weak, and out of your league; being kind to you, showing you mercy.

God cares for you.  Open your eyes.  Wake up!  He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for you, He was buried, and He rose again that you might live eternally.

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