The prophets of the Bible were never really popular with the people.  Many who claimed to be a prophet, and were popular with the kings and queens of the day, along with many of the people were not the prophets of the true and Living God.

The prophet of God was much more than one who foretold the future; he was called for the purpose of telling forth the word of God. Many a time the prophet of the Living God brought a message people did not like, but he spoke it anyway.  The message of the Biblical prophet was one for the king and the people to return to the LORD through repentance and faith.

The reading for today is in 2 Chronicles 21 – 24, and the verse for today is…

“Yet He sent prophets to them, to bring them again unto the LORD; and they testified against them: but they would not give ear.” 2 Chronicles 24:19  (KJB)

Joash had become king of Judah through the plans of a godly priest Jehoiada, and when Jehoiada had died Joash went the way of the kings of Israel, and turned his back on God.  God does not give up on His people easily.  He sends prophets.  We today could call them preachers.

It seems to be a popular thing for the preacher today to encourage, comfort, teach, and even to strengthen one’s life that is not in the ways of God.  Where is the preaching of the word, and words of God?  Where is the correction, the reproof, the doctrine, and instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16-17)?

The nation of Judah was now in the same state as Israel the northern kingdom, and needed to return to the LORD God.

Just as in the days of the prophets of the Old Testament many of 2018 do not want to hear the word of God concerning repentance; turning from sin and to God; and faith, true faith in the Living and True God who created all things.

Repentance means to turn from direction you are going, and turning around to go the other way.  Turn around.  Turn to God, away from the path of your own choosing which is toward decay and destruction.

God sent His Son.  Many refused Him too.  Many still do.  He died on the cross, was buried, and He rose from the grave.  He is alive today and still calls for you to come to Him.  Call on His name in repentance believing that He has finished the work of salvation for us, and He will hear you and save you.  His name is Jesus the Christ.

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