Evil and God’s Grace

Manasseh was one of Judah’s most vile and wicked kings.  He was responsible for turning the hearts of the people against the LORD God, and as being “worse than the heathen, whom the LORD had destroyed before the children of Israel” (2 Chronicles 33:9). Yet the LORD Almighty is merciful and gracious.

“And when he was in affliction, he besought the LORD his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers, and prayed unto Him: and He was intreated of him, and heard his supplication, and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the LORD He was God.” 2 Chronicles 33:12-13 (KJB)

The son of Hezekiah was vile, wicked, and evil practicing things such as the LORD put the heathen out of the land for, and gave the land to Abraham and His chosen people.

It was an eye opening experience for Manasseh when he was carted off to Babylon (v. 11).  His eyes were opened to the reality of who God is, and God dealt with the Babylonian king, and sent Manasseh back to Judah and Jerusalem.  “Then Manasseh knew that the LORD He is God.”

It would not have had to be that way.  His father Hezekiah was a man of faith in the LORD God.  God used his father in powerful ways showing Assyria that He is God.  I guess as the old saying goes, “To each his own”.

To me the best part of the verse for today is that final sentence… “Then Manasseh knew that the LORD was God”…  what a statement, and it is one used throughout the Old Testament of kings, individuals, and nations.  At least 63 times in the prophecy of Ezekiel alone.  What I understand from that is that God wants us to know that He is God, the LORD God.

He is so full of mercy and grace that He gave us His Son Jesus, and He died on the cross to pay the price for our sins, was buried, then He rose from the dead.  He is alive forever more.  No matter what your live is like. No matter what you have done, or are doing He loves you, He forgives you, and will heal all your iniquities.  Call on Him.  He will hear you.  Know that He is the LORD God.

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