Nehemiah had been plagued with threats from those who were against the work of God being done.  He was composed to the thing of getting done what God had directed him to do.  Nothing was going to distract him or cause him to fear the enemy.  That is what Sanballat and Tobiah were.  The enemy, even though Tobiah was of relation to some of the Jewish nobility (Nehemiah 6:17-19), wanted to stop God’s work.

God gave Nehemiah wisdom to recognize the deception, and plotting of Tobiah, and his evil plans to try and catch him in sin against God.  The work of building the wall was a work of God; and it would get done.  Remember child of God, “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

The wall was finished in 52 days and the people, the enemies of God’s people were amazed…

“And it came to pass, that when all our enemies heard thereof, and all the heathen that were about us saw these things, they were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God.”  Nehemiah 6:16 (KJB)

When God is in a work that work gets done.  People will notice; at least those who can see the handiwork of God will notice, and like those of Nehemiah’s day they will perceive that this work was by the hand of God.

How are we doing Christian?  Maybe I should ask myself, “How am I doing?”  How am I doing at showing forth the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit in me?  Am I living a life that shows forth the work and power of the crucified, buried, and risen Lord?  Am I living in such a fashion that others will wonder what makes him such a joyous fellow?  I pray to do so every day.

If you have fallen down of the life of living the Christian life then seek forgiveness from the One who saved you, saves you, and keeps you saved, and He will give, and gives you; gives us all; the power to do live for Him.

When God does His work people will notice, and see that the work was wrought of our God.

Please note:  For Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be away from my computer, and serving as a cook at our Association Youth Camp; these devotional studies will be repost from 2015.

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