Day Seventy Five – Remember

There are many things we like to remember. Some things we would like to forget, but they keep lingering around in our minds of remembrance.

Today’s study will not take too long; I do, however pray it to be instructive, inspiring, and even correcting to a wayward life. Our reading of the Scripture today is Luke 6 through 18. I am a slow reader, and it took me an hour and one half to read those 13 chapters.

I only have one verse for us to consider today; and it is the second shortest verse in the whole Bible;

“Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32

These words are in warning of the times in which Jesus would be returning to this world. If we want an understanding of what these three words are dealing with it would do us great good to read Genesis 19 once again.  That tells us of Lot and his family in the cities of the plain; Sodom and Gomorrah, the deliverance of Lot and his family.

Lot’s wife did not make it to the destination where God was sending them. They had been given instruction not to look behind them, but to keep moving forward; sadly, however Lot’s wife looked back, and turned into “a pillar of salt”. Someone said, “Lot’s wife became in death what she had not been in her life” that is salt. The believing follower of Christ Jesus is to be salt in this world.

For further study and thought go to the following and read on Broken Pieces the articles on “Perils of Friendship with The World- Part 1” and part 2

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