If… I Should Have Denied My God

If I have made gold my hope, or have said to the fine gold, ‘Thou art my confidence;’ if I rejoiced because my wealth was great, and because mine hand had gotten much; if I beheld the sun when it shined, or the moon walking in brightness; and my heart hath been secretly enticed, or my mouth hath kissed my hand: this also were an iniquity to be punished by the Judge: for I should have denied the God that is above.”  Job 31:24-28  (KJB)

REFERENCES: Job 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; Deuteronomy 8:12-14; Matthew 6:19-34; Jeremiah 9:23; Luke 16:19-31; 2 Kings 23:5; Jeremiah 44:17; Romans 1:28; Titus 1:15; 2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 2:23; Jude 1:4

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