John 1:1-5, 11-14

A few months ago I began a series going, at times verse by verse, or paragraph by paragraph, through the Gospel of John. I will be sharing some thoughts, outlines, and study notes on the studies I have done.

When God Spoke

First a quote: “John is the majestic evangelist. He is the high-soaring eagle with piercing eyes. His the Gospel of the Son of God. We cannot describe the deity of Christ in a clearer language than John uses. He was with God. He did the works of God, for He was the Creator. If any doubt His deity they must do so in distinct defiance of the language of Holy Scripture.”  From the C. H. Spurgeon Study Bible Introduction.

I. In the beginning (v. 1; Genesis 1:1; 1 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 1:13).

II. Jesus was with God (v. 1).

III. Jesus was/is God (v. 1)

By Him all things were made, and for Him.

IV. Jesus is with God, and was and is God from eternity past – even before creation.

V. Not even one thing came into being that has come into being without His making it.

“Without Him was not anything made that was made.” (v. 3)

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