Golden Table

And he made the table of shittim wood: two cubits was the length thereof, and a cubit the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof: and he overlaid it with pure gold, and made thereunto a crown of gold round about.  Also he made thereunto a border of an handbreadth round about; and made a crown of gold for the border thereof round about.  And he cast for it four rings of gold, and put the rings upon the four corners that were in the four feet thereof.
Over against the border were the rings, the places for the staves to bear the table.  And he made the staves of shittim wood, and overlaid them with gold, to bear the table.  And he made the vessels which were upon the table, his dishes, and his spoons, and his bowls, and his covers to cover withal, of pure gold.       Exodus 37:10-16

References: Exodus 38; 39; 40:22-23; 1 Kings 7:50; 2 Kings 12:13; Jeremiah 52:18-19; Ezekiel 40:39-42; Malachi 1:12; John 1:14, 16; Colossians 1:27; 2 Timothy 2:20

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