Sermon Outline 04/12/09

The Efficacy Of The Resurrection

Matthew 28:8

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most greatest event in the history of human kind. It was the greatest event which has had the best results in us the most effectively. There has been nothing like it before it, after it, nor will anything ever match it in comparison, saving for the glorious appearing of that One who was raised from the dead, by His own power.

Resurrection is not believed by many. There are even many who profess a “spiritual resurrection”, but deny a physical “bodily resurrection”. What exactly would be the purpose of a ’spiritual resurrection’? What, in fact, if anything, would a ’spiritual resurrection’ prove? What would it do? and How could a spiritual resurrection be proven? In answer to those questions; None; Nothing; again Nothing; and there would be absolutely no evidence of a spiritual resurrection.

It was in fact a bodily resurrection. The bodily resurrection of Jesus proves that our sin debt was paid in full; proves that there will be a resurrection for all who will believe in Him; it is evidenced by the empty tomb. The physical/bodily resurrection proves that we can have a relationship with our God and Father; bodily resurrection proves that there is a life change following Jesus. The bodily resurrection is proven by the empty tomb; by the physical manifestations of Jesus to witnesses.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has efficacious value for all who will follow Him.

OUTLINE – The Resurrection…


A. No one can be raised to life except they are dead.

* 1. There is the evidence of Matthew 27:51-53 where many of the dead arose and came out of their graves after His resurrection.
* 2. Paul the apostle tells us, “Ye are dead in trespasses and sins…” Ephesians 2:1-3.
* 3. That makes us good candidates for resurrection.

B. When the disciples came to the tomb they found it empty, and angels witnessing to them, “He is risen; He is not here”.

C. There is no life to anyone who will not confess they are dead to God, apart from Christ.


A. Things have changed; there is no need for staying in the place of death.

* 1. When Lazarus was raised to life, and came out of the tomb; Jesus said, “Loose him, and let him go” (John 11:44).
* 2. Wrapped in gravecloths he was bound to death’s remains.

a. There is no need of hanging around the tomb or of death’s remains.

B. The hasty departure reflects a sense of urgency, to go and see the resurrected Lord.

C. The hasty departure also shows the need for urgency to depart from sin and to tell others.

* 1. 2 Corinthians 5:11
* 2. Isaiah 55:6


A. There were only a few who came to the tomb and found it empty, yet they were fearful for the event that happened there.

* 1. How do you react when the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ comes to your mind?
* 2. It is an awe-inspiring moment; a great event that you know has effected and affected your life; forever.

B. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”, and seeing Him at work in creation is wonderful; but to know and believe that He raised His Son from the dead is life changing.


A. According to Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the LORD is our strength…”.

* 1. How much greater joy is there in knowing that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.
* 2. Greater joy in knowing that because He lives, I live and you live through Him.

B. There is no greater joy than the joy of knowing that because He lives, we live, and one day this living Savior, our God will come again, and receive us unto Himself (John 14:1-4).

C. The joy of knowing the resurrected Savior causes problems, the cares of this world like financial collapse, sickness of all kinds; to pale and even fade away.


A. Jesus took a man like Peter who had denied Him and made him a witness who was fearless before others through his faith.

B. Jesus takes drunks and alcoholics, makes them dry and sober, and they witness of the change which has been wrought in their lives.

C. Jesus can take the life of a prostitute, a thief, a murderer, a child molestor, a liar, an adulterer, a rapist, or of whatever sin; and can make them free, clean and forgiven of all their sins.

D. Jesus can take the life of the life of those who live “good lives”, and make them righteous in Him.

E. These all; who are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be eager witnesses of the Lord and His work on the cross.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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