Wednesday Evening Bible Study 06/17/09

When Kings Refuse To Bow – Exodus 8:16-32

In this study, and since the first demonstration of the power of God, to Pharoah; this man has hardened his heart to God and His messengers.  It is recorded that Charles H. Spurgeon said, “God shows Himself to each individual according to his character.”  It cannot be seen any different, or clearer than that in the Pharoah of Egypt.
Hardening one’s heart against God is serious sin.  Serious sin requires serious action, and it comes from God.  What does it mean to harden one’s heart toward God?  Warren Wiersbe has written,

“It means to see clear evidence of the hand of God at work and still refuse to accept His Word and submit to His will.  It means to resist Him by showing ingratitude and disobedience and not having any fear of the Lord or His judgments.” From “BE DELIVERED” by W. W. Wiersbe

The deities of Egypt being thrown down are “Nut” (Nu-it), or “Set” (Seth), and “Shu”

1.  The plague of _________ begins without any warning.  (v. 16).

2.  The intensity of the plagues seem to grow from bad to worse.  True   False  (vv. 16-19).

3.  The worship of  __________, or false deities is in truth the worship of demons, thus _________ shows Himself strong against the idolatry of men. (vv. 16-19;  1 Corinthians 10:14-21).

4.  With the plague of the lice the magicians finally realize… (vv. 18-19)
A.  That they are powerless agains the God of Israel.    B.  That this is the “finger of God”.
C.  This is the wrath of God on Egypt.            D.  All the above.

5.  The health and welfare of the Egyptians was at stake with the plague of the flies.    True       False  (vv. 20-32)

6.  Pharoah tries to ________________ with the Word and will of God. (vv. 25-28).

7.  Moses; most likely sees the unlikelihood of ______________ release of the ____________, and prays for the departure of the flies anyway. (vv. 29-31)

8.  To have a ____________  ______________ is to “…see clear evidence of the hand of God at work and still refuse to accept the Word and submit to…” the will of God.

9.  Does God want us to see sin as serious in our lives?

10.  Name some ways we can keep our hearts from growing hard.


1.  Lice;  2.  True;  3.  idols, God;  4.  All the above;  5.  True;  6.  Compromise;  7.  Pharoah’s, people;  8.  Hardened heart;  9.  YES!  10.  You list some.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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