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It is a sad thing when the heart of God’s people grow cold toward Him, His word, His ways, His Son Jesus, and His Spirit.  That was a very prominent thing in the land of Israel and Judah.  They had grown away from God.  Still maintaining their worship ritual, without heart for God; giving Him … More Our Worship

Wednesday Bible Study 041311

FROM DELIVERANCE TO GLORY The People Restrained From Giving – Exodus 36:1-38 1.  The people had been asked to bring an offering from a __________________ heart (vv. 36:1-5; 35:5). 2.  The _______________ were used for the _________________ of the tabernacle and its furnishings (vv. 8-38). 3.  The ________________ were asked to _________________ from giving; there … More Wednesday Bible Study 041311