Wednesday Bible Study 042011


The Work of the Tabernacle… Finished – Exodus 37 – 39:32-43
As we read the closing verses of chapter 39 we find that the building, shaping and designing of the tabernacle is complete.  It must have Moses’s approval, and receives it.  It is built according to God’s specifications.

1.  The articles of the interior include the _____________, the mercy seat, the table of ________________, the lampstand of __________  ___________, and the altar of incense. (37:1-28)

2.  The annointing ____________ and the ________________ were made as directed by GOD and typify the Holy Spirit and the fragrant perfections of our LORD. (37:29)

3.  The articles of the exterior are the _____________ of _____________ ______________ (38:1-7) and the _____________ made of brass. (38:1-8)

4.  The tabernacle is protected by a court yard of linen; sewn with blue, purple and scarlet threads, at the only entrance.  True      False. (38:9-31)

5.  The priests garments are made with threads of… (39:1-31)
A. gold, pink,green, and scarlet.      B.  blue, gray, yellow and scarlet.
C.  purple, blue, scarlet and gold.      C.  None of the above.

6.  Everything they had made was approved by Moses, and he _______________ them. (39:32-43)

-Tim A. Blankenship

Answers –

1. ark, shewbread, pure gold;  2. oil, incense;  3. altar, burnt offerings, laver;  4. True;  5. C;  6. blessed.

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