…Comments 01/15/10

Today’s Reading is Genesis 39 – 41-

From these chapters we see Joseph in Egypt; first as a house servant to Potiphar whose wife had an eye on Joseph.  She tempted him, but Joseph was a young man with good and godly character and refused her.  His reward for that was her lies which condemned him to prison, and God blessed Joseph in prison.

In Chapter 40 we find Joseph in prison and the “butler and the baker” are imprisoned with Joseph, they have dreams and Joseph interpret them.  Joseph’s interpretation is that one will get their job back and the other will lose his life by hanging.

In the final verse of chapter 40 we find these words,

“Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph, but forgat him.” Genesis 40:23 (KJV)

The butler promises to remember Joseph by speaking for him to get him set free, yet “forgets” about him. It seems he is so overjoyed or something that it completely slips his mind. Joseph, however, was forsaken by God. The time for Joseph’s fulfillment just had not come.

In the 41st chapter we find the Pharoah – king of Egypt having a couple of dreams and no one is able to interpret them.  The butler then remembers Joseph’s gift to interpret dreams, the king sends for him, and Joseph is placed as a ruler over Egypt to prepare for a world wide drought.

One thing we can see from these chapters is the proof of faithfulness, and the knowledge that God is always faithful to fulfill His will.  Joseph was faithful to God, believing God despite his sad consequences.  He didn’t blame God, or deny God, or become angry with God and sin with Potiphar’s wife.

Be faithful to the end of your days and God will bless you greatly.  Even when you are blessed be faithful to the end.  God is faithful.

READING FOR JANUARY 16, 2010 is Genesis 42 – 43.


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