Wednesday Bible Study 111710


…That I May Dwell Among Them… – Exodus 29:1-46
Rams, Bulls, unleavened cakes, oil, unleavened wafers made of wheat flour are part of the consecrating of the high priest – Aaron, and his sons.  Shedding of blood, taking the life of these animals pictured the taking of the life of the Innocent/Guiltless/Sinless Son of God.  All of this so that God might dwell among His people.

1.  The ___________________ of the priesthood committed one _____________ and ____________  __________ in this solemn ceremony (vv. 1-18).
2.  The solemn ceremony also included w______________,  a_______________,  and ________________  ___________  ________________ (vv. 1-18).
3.  According to ___________  ______________ 2:9 the New Testament priesthood is made up of all who have “been called out of darkness into His marvellous light”.
4.  The placement of the priest’s ______________ on the head of the sacrifice symbolizes the placement of the _______________  ___________ on to the sin bearer (vv. 19-21).
5.  “Daubing blood on the right ear, hand, and big toe symbolically sanctified the __________ to ____________ the Word of God, the _____________ to do the ____________ of God, and the foot to ______________ in the way of God”  MacArthur Study Bible, p. 138 (vv. 19-20).
6.  The ________________ offering, and the ________________ offering when offered to the LORD makes the sign of the ________________ (vv. 26-28).
7.  God says, “I will _______________ among the children of ________________”; and, “I ….brought them up out of the land of Egypt, that I may ______________ among them…”  (vv. 44-46).

-Tim A. Blankenship


1.  consecration, bullock, two rams;   2.  washing, anointing, sprinkling with blood;   3.  First Peter;   4.  hands, priests sins;   5.  ears, hear, hands, work, walk;   6.  wave, heave, cross;   7.  dwell, Israel, dwell.

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