Wednesday Bible Study 120110


Sweet Fragrance Before the Veil – Exodus 30:1-10

Up to this point there has been only one altar mentioned.  That was the Brazen altar where the blood sacrifice, burnt offering was made.  That altar was also made of acacia wood, but overlaid with brass – representing judgment, wrath toward sin.  It was necessary to get to the point of the place of true worship of God/YaHWeH.
The “golden altar” is the “altar of incense” (Revelation 8:3), and is the last place the High priest would attend before entering the Holy of Holies on the day of Atonement- once a year.

Fill In The Blanks –

1.  The “altar of ________________” is overlaid with ______________; and represents the _______________, and _______________ of Christ (vv. 1-3).

2.  The _______________ of this altar is a picture of the ________________  _______________ of  ___________________ (v. 3; 1 Timothy 2:5;  Rev 8:3).

3.  The “golden altar” was placed before the ________________ which separated the holy place from the ____________ of ______________ (v. 6).

4.  In the New Testament book of ________________ the “golden censer” is nearer the ark of the covenant (v. 6; Heb.9:1-4).

5.  By the work of ______________  _______________ on His _________________ the veil of the _____________ was torn opening the way into the ________________ of God (v. 6; Matthew 27:51).

6.  Every ________________  and  __________________  was incense to be burned upon the altar (vv. 7-9).

7.  Not without ______________ was the Priests to come to the altar on the ___________  ________  ___________________  (v. 10)

-Tim A. Blankenship


1. Incense, gold, humanity, deity;  2. Incense, Intercessory mediation, Christ;  3. veil, Holy, Holies;  4. Hebrews;  5. Jesus Christ, Cross, temple, Presence;  6. morning, evening;  7. blood, Day of Atonement.

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