Wednesday Bible Study 011911


Atonement, Washing, Anointing and Holiness – Exodus 30:11-38

When it comes to saving of man, and our worshipping God; the Holy One of Israel there is a God ordained, path of doing so.  It has been given to us in the Old as well as the New Testaments.  No matter how loudly the world may protest that “All roads lead to God” we find in scripture that God has laid out for us one clear pattern to enter His divine presence; and that is through the shedding of blood (that of His Son Jesus Christ).

1.  We can see in the ________________ that there will be a reckoning with _________________ (vv. 11-12).

2.  The _______________ is commonly used in Scripture as a weight for ________________ (vv.11 – 16).

3.  The __________________ money is the same for ________________ (vv. 15-16).

4.  The ________________  __________________ is the means by which Aaron and his sons can wash their feet and hands for service to the LORD (vv. 17-21).

5.  The recipe for the ___________________ oil is not to be replicated with out consequences (vv. 22-33).

6.  The ____________________ is a _________________ fragrance unto the LORD (vv. 34-38)

7.  The _______________ of Jesus Christ ________________ us; and ________________ us unto ______________ living.

-Tim A. Blankenship


1.  census, God;   2. shekel, silver;  3. atonement, all;  4. brass laver;  5. anointing;  6. perfume, holy;  7. blood, cleanses, calls, holy.

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