Wednesday Bible Study 030211


Naked Before The Enemy – Exodus 32:1-35

Moses has gone up into the presence of God, has been gone for several days, the people get restless, and ask for the leadership of Aaron; and also request that he make for them a god to lead them.  God knows what is going on and notifys Moses, to get down to his people; Moses pleads with God for the people, and returns to the people.  Moses is angered by what he sees and hears, and breaks the tablet of the law.  He gives them a challenge to come to the LORD.  The LORD deals with sin in the camp.

1.  The _______________ request of Aaron to make for them ________________ which shall go before us. (v. 1)

2.  How many gods was Israel supposed to follow as they left Egypt and wandered in the wilderness?  (vv 1-6)

3.   Aaron tries to make this _____________ _____________ excusable by making the day after “a feast to the _______________ .  (v. 5)

4.  What did Moses do when God was set to destroy the nation of Israel and make Moses a great nation? (vv. 7-14).

5.  When Moses went down the mountain he had the __________ ____________ _______ ___________  _________________ in his hand. (vv.15-18).

6.  Moses was ________________ with the people because of the peoples sin against God. (vv. 19-24).

7.  When God’s people become like the _______________ we become _______________ before the ____________ .  (vv. 25-29)

8.  Moses shows great love for the LORD and His people through _____________________ for them.  (vv. 30-35)

9.  The LORD holds guilty those who have sinned. (vv. 33-35;  Ezekiel 18:4, 20)

-Tim A. Blankenship

Answers –

1. people, gods;  2. Open for discussion;  3. golden calf, LORD;  4. Open for discussion;  5. two tables of the testimony;  6. angry;  7. world, naked, world;  8. intercession;  9.  Open for discussion.

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