Wednesday Bible Study 031611



Show Me Thy Glory… – Exodus 33:1-23

1.  What would it be like to go into the Promised Land without God being in their __________________ ? (vv. 1-4)

2.  God reminds the children of Israel that He could come without even a warning, and ____________________ them. (vv. 5-11).

3.  Moses moved ____________________ outside the camp due to the ____________________ people.  (vv. 5-11)

4.  Moses pleas with God for His presence. (vv. 12-14)

5.  Moses hearing of God’s ___________________ seeks for the LORD to show him His __________________. (vv. 15-18)

6.  The _______________________ and the ____________________ of God are so marvellous. (v. 19)

7.  The very __________________ of God protects Moses from seeing God’s face and ____________________. (vv. 20-23)

-Tim A. Blankenship

Answers –

1. midst;  2. consume;  3. the tabernacle, stiffnecked;  4. discussion;  5.  grace, glory;  6.  graciousness, mercy;  7. hand, dying.

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