Sermon Points 031311

Believing, Ye Shall Receive

Matthew 21:17-22

1.  Jesus was hungry while returning to Jerusalem;
2.  There was a leafed out fig tree with no fruit;
3.  Jesus curses the fig tree which has no fruit, though its appearance said it should have fruit.
4. The faith of Jesus Christ causes the tree to wither away.
I.  FAITH THAT HUNGERS (vv. 17-18).

II.  FAITH THAT SEES (v. 19a).

III.  FAITH THAT ACTS (v. 19b-20).

Application –

i.  In the Christian’s life the heart of faith should never be quite satisfied but always longing, hungering for more of Christ and His glory;
ii.  The faith of a Christian is not so blind as to believe there is fruit because of leaves with the absence of fruit; rather our faith sees;
iii.  The faith of the Christian is an action we take, because we have believed in the Person in whom we trust;
iv.  Believing faith is a receiving faith, gaining from God all He has in store for us.

-Tim A. Blankenship

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