Resurrection Day 2011

Every Sunday throughout each year Christians remember the death, burial and resurrection or our Lord.  Why?  Because “He is risen.”  No religion can make the claim that the one they worship has risen.  Buddha is still in his tomb.  Mohammed is still in his grave; and it is so of every religious leader and founder who has ever live.

Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, is alive and He lives forever more.  That is why true Christianity is not a religion, but a living relationship with the One who came down to us, gave His life for us.  He said, “No one takes My life from Me.  I lay it down Myself” (John 10:17-18).   and He took it up again, by raising from the dead; conquering the power and sting of sin and death.

At Carr Lane Baptist Church we pray that you have a living relationship with the Living Lord.  If not call on His name in repentance, believe Him and you will live with Him forever.  That is what Resurrection Day is all about.  Life fulfilled and Life eternal.

Have a blessed and great Resurrection Day by looking to Jesus.

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