Getting Understanding

There are many people who have made the comment, “I would read the Bible, but I just don’t understand it”.  They may make a comment like this, “It is too complicated for me”.  Let us understand one thing.  No one can understand Scriptures except God give us understanding. After Jesus had risen from the grave … More Getting Understanding

It is Terminal

We all have known someone who has been given a medical diagnosis of “Terminal”.  Meaning that a disease this individual has is killing them; and usually there is nothing that can be done for them, except to administer pain medications.  It fills minds, hearts, families, and lives with grief, and fear. There are many who … More It is Terminal

The Days of Lot

The Pharisees had asked Jesus about the “kingdom of God” when it was going to come.  Jesus answered them in one way saying, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).  He then, proceeds to tell them what the days will be like when the Son of Man comes. These are questions which are … More The Days of Lot

The Power of God

We ought always be amazed by the power of God.  We ought always realize that God is working, moving, accomplishing His purposes in the world around us and in our own lives. Previous to the verses we look at today Jesus had been on the Mount called “Transfiguration”, and He was speaking with Moses and … More The Power of God

Two Forgiven

Do you love Jesus?  How much do you love Jesus?  Loving Jesus is a response to His love for us.  He loves you.  He loves me.  He has proven that love by coming as a babe in a manger, living a life solely dedicated to the word, way, walk, and witness of His Father. He … More Two Forgiven

All Night Prayer

Prayer is something many people talk about.  Prayer:  just what is it?  Is prayer not one speaking with God? Can an unredeemed individual pray to a holy God; and get an answer?  The Psalmist has written, “If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me.” (Psalm 66:18). How important is prayer?  … More All Night Prayer

Waiting for Years

There is a lack of patience in me.  There is a lack of patience in me toward other people at times; especially when I am driving down the highway; or in the city.  I must often correct my mind and thinking as I am driving.  Many times; probably all the time;  that correction comes from … More Waiting for Years

The Historian

It is not a rare thing; but Doctors in successful practices do not often leave their work to enter something else; such as to be a writer.  Some have and do.  When one leaves their medical practice to be a minister of Jesus Christ and His gospel that is a calling on them. Luke was … More The Historian