International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

The following are prayer requests for a few situations around the world where Christians and churches are suffering for the cause of Jesus Christ.  These are shared by Voice of the Martyrs;

Pray for “Abdul” Facing Hostility from Muslim Neighbors

After “Abdul” and his family came to Christ in a predominantly Muslim area of Uganda, they faced persecution from villagers and Muslim leaders. Local leaders came to his defense, and for the most part, the harassment ended. However, still fearful that they are being watched, Abdul and his family decided to be baptized in another village. A VOM worker says a strong discipleship team located in the region continues to see people like Abdul and his family come to Christ in spite of the risk of persecution. Some converts come openly to church events, but the team also meets secretly with believers who have not yet told their Muslim families about their new faith.
Pray for Four Believers Attacked During a Hindu Celebration

Four Indian Christians are suffering from acute injuries after they were attacked by a Hindu mob. Christians were worshipping together with a local house church on Oct. 20 as celebrations for a Hindu festival commemorating the victories of Hindu gods over their adversaries were going on outside. A mob formed outside the home and began beating the Christians. One of the Christian women was dragged outside by eight men, brutally raped and cut with a knife. One man suffered a broken knee, while another believer had six ribs and his back broken.

Pray for Christians in Aceh After Churches Were Demolished

A mob of angry Muslims attacked a church in Aceh province on Oct. 13, and authorities responded by demolishing more churches. The violence, which left one person dead and displaced thousands of Christians, began after local authorities rejected the demands by Muslim hardliners to close all 22 churches in Aceh Singkil. At a meeting on Oct. 12, community leaders agreed to close 10 unregistered churches, but the church attacked the next day by an estimated mob of 700 was not one of those slated to be shuttered. The mob circulated this message: “We will not stop hunting Christians and burning churches. Christians are Allah’s enemies.” The next week, soldiers bearing sledge hammers began razing the 10 churches in an apparent effort to placate the hardliners.

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