“And I will set My throne in Elam, and will destroy from thence the king and the princes,’ saith the LORD. ‘But it shall come to pass in the latter days, that I will bring again the captivity of Elam,’ saith the LORD.” Jeremiah 49:38-39 (KJV)

In the past few chapters of Jeremiah’s prophecy God has given him several  pronouncements against nations which have persecuted, and tormented the nation of Israel.

The nation of Israel has not been without fault.  They were to be a people who brought other people and nations to God, and they drastically failed, and were held accountable for it.

In Chapter 48 and 49 there are three verses with three different nations mentioned which are promised to return from captivity -Moab (48:47), Ammon (49:6), and Elam (49:38-39).

The significance of that is that God desires that people of all the earth know Him; and that has always been His desire.  Let it be our desire as well.

“That all the world may know that I am the LORD.”

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