And he said unto them, Hinder me not, seeing the LORD hath prospered my way; send me away that I may go to my master. Genesis 24:56 (KJV)

The servant of Abraham said the statement above to Laban and the family of Rebekah, whom the servant had been led by God to choose as the wife for Isaac.

It is in my heart and mind to think this morning, and I believe it as well, that God has prospered my way.  I know that I do not always see it, but there are many times I look back at the events of my life and know that it truly has been made prosperous by the Lord Himself.  I do not mean in material means though He has provided every need and blessed us in material ways. I have prospered in His love, His mercy, His care, His grace, in family, and many other ways.

This servant of Abraham in order to find a bride for Isaac traveled a great distance to do so.  Much time had been spent in travel, and probably some great expense.  All the time the servant was away could have been 3 – 6 months due, in part, to the distance.

The family of Rebekah had told the servant she could not possibly leave for at least 10 days.  They sought to hinder his return back to Abraham and the Land of Promise.  That is why the servant replies, “Hinder me not…”

There are many hindrances to serving our Lord.  Some we bring on ourselves. Others come at us from other sources, such as family, friends, tragedy, trials, etc..  We, as Christians, need to realize these hindrances when they come up and respond to them with directness and sound faith.  The servant needed to get Rebekah [the bride] to Isaac [the groom]. He was waiting; so was Abraham.

  1. The Lord has sent us…
  2. Let us not be hindered…
  3. Remember He has prospered our way…
  4. We will go to our Master.

The way to the Master is through the Son of God, God the Son who died on the cross, was buried, and He rose again.  Believe Him and you will be on your way.  Do not let your sin or the sin of the world hinder you from trusting Jesus Christ.

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