The Giants We Face

“And the LORD said unto Moses, Fear him not: for I have delivered him into thy hand…”  Numbers 21:34a (KJB)

Og the king of Bashan was a giant (Deuteronomy 3:11); and that was a typical thing of that land it seems. The children of Israel has experienced rejections from Edom not allowing them to cross their lands, and King Sihon has attacked them to keep them from crossing his land.  God has given the victory to Israel.

The above verse is the LORD reminding Moses of what He has recently done, and that the size of the man is small compared to the size of God, His power, and authority.  “Fear him not…” is one of God’s “fear not(s)” in the Scriptures.  As Christians today we too can learn from them.

We must learn to trust no matter what stands in our paths.  We must trust no matter how big the complication, the storm, the man, the enemy, or whatever trial comes our way.  The outcome is in the LORD’S mighty hands.

To trust in the LORD is to believe what He says, then live by it.  Of course, we fall short of His law.  We can not keep it perfectly.  Only one Man did and that is Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God, God the Living Son.  He came and experienced perfect harmony, peace, love, and the power of God as He walked among us.  He laid down His life for an atonement for our sins.  He was buried carrying all our shame, guilt, condemnation, and sins away and left them in the “depths of the sea” and as “far away as east is from west”; then He rose again. He is returning to put an end to all sin, evil and wickedness.

Now, what in this world is going to stand against Him and come out ahead?  Not one thing.  Not one giant.  Not one trial. Not one tribulation.  Absolutely nothing can stand against Him, now, and/or forever.

DO NOT BE AFRAID.  The Giants We Face need to fear Him.

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