Balaam Went to his Place

“And Balaam rose up, and went and returned to his place: and Balak also went his way.”  Numbers 24:25 (KJB)

Let me share my thoughts on Balaam.  It is quite clear to me that he was out for the material reward of his “gift”,  ie. his ability to use sorcery for good, for cursing, or for blessing.  He did receive word from God to not curse Israel as Balak had desired, and could not have cursed them if he had tried.

He spoke only what God said to him in this situation.  As is seen in this narrative God can use even a donkey to speak for Himself (Numbers 22:22-23), and He does.

Balaam puzzles me.  He sees the Angel of the LORD – whom I believe to be the pre-incarnate Son of God; Balaam hears the word of God and speaks it – but remember the donkey – and yet he does not ultimately believe God or His word.

Balaam is given God’s word, by God Himself, he sees God’s Son; and yet Balaam is ultimately used in Scripture as one example of a false prophet (Jude 1:11), and what we are not supposed to hear or live by.

It seems to me that by the opening verse of this study it is very strongly implied that Balaam experienced no change by his personal encounter with God, went his own way, and is now in his own place.  So it is said of Judas (Acts 1:25), and neither are in a place of eternal rest, but eternal death.

When we hear the word of God our hearts will change because of the cross of Jesus, when we hear, repent and believe what He says.

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