Dealing With the Evil

“But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell. Moreover it shall come to pass, that I shall do unto you, as I thought to do unto them.”  Numbers 33:55-56  (KJB)

Moses and the children of Israel had been given instruction – commandment – from the LORD concerning how they were to rid Canaan of the evil in the land.  That was through destroying all who dwelt there.  The LORD is holy, and called His people to be holy, and calls His people to be holy; and to deal with evil in our midst.

Dealing with evil can sometimes be difficult for people who view themselves as civil or compassionate.  Too many times we become overrun with emotion over the innocent or those we might perceive to be innocent and cute and cuddly; and will let those slide on by without dealing with it, and thus get a stronghold in our hearts and minds.

It was given; it was commanded by God to destroy all the people of Canaan when Israel entered the land, or suffer the consequences of their failure, and disobedience.

There is a lesson here for the Christian of 2018.  When we come to faith in Jesus Christ He gives us; He baptizes us into His Holy Spirit, who will never leave us.  The Holy Spirit in us now points out our sin, and convicts us of our sin, and seeks to drive it out of our lives.  When there is unconfessed, unrepented sin in the life of a Christian there is possessed evil within us, and will cause us great harm and misery; not to mention a lack of fellowship with God.

That just might be, in part or in whole, what the apostle Paul meant when he stated, “…Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians  2:12).

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