Sanctuary Cities

“Defile not therefore the land which ye shall inhabit, wherein I dwell: for I the LORD dwell among the children of Israel.”  Numbers 35:34  (KJB)

There is much talk in the U. S. of A. of sanctuary cities as refuges for illegal aliens who are in our Nation.  I was reading the above verses of Scripture – actually Numbers 34 – 36, and chapter 35 deals with “Cities of refuge” for the one who accidentally kills another in the land of Promise.  There were six cities given to the Levites for a man or woman to flee unto and be safe from the avenger of blood. Nothing said of illegal aliens though.

Murder happens every day in our Nation.  That act is still evil.  Life is devalued by anyone who can without much thought, or in anger, or through thoughtful plan kill another human being.  Let me give what I wrote in my morning study this morning….

In the Scripture reading for today chapter 34 deals with the borders of the Promised Land.  Chapter35 with the distribution of cities for the Levites -especially the “Cities of refuge” for the one’s who accidentally kill another human being.

To shed human blood was defiling the land and God dwells in the land among the people of Israel.  It should be noted that if there was murder – a willful act of killing due to anger, for personal gain; then, the murderer was to be put to death.

The one who had killed (presuming accidental) could flee to the nearest city of refuge (a sanctuary city of sorts), later be tried by the congregation of the people, they would hear the evidence, and make a judgment for life or death.  If it was for life the one who accidentally killed another returned to the city of refuge for the rest of the life of the high priest.  If the person was guilty, then the avenger could that their life.  Life for life.  One life is no more important, or sacred than the other.

It is a barbaric society and culture which allows the murder of the innocent – babies, born and unborn – and justifies the letting of murderers live.

Now, some further thoughts on this matter…

  1.  The human character is greatly flawed – we are sinners, we are evil;
  2.  Anyone who says something like, “I would never do that” is one day in for a rude awakening;
  3.  We are all in need of redemption and forgiveness;
  4.  The LORD of all creation has provided redemption, and only His way is sufficient;
  5.  That is through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, His burial, and bodily resurrection;
  6.  Believe God, His Son, and His word and live forever.

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