“Then I said unto you, Dread not, neither be afraid of them.”  Deuteronomy 1:29 (KJB)

This is the fifth book of the Law written by Moses, inspired by God, and fulfilled by God.

The words above were written following forty years of wilderness wanderings following an event of drastic unbelief due to fear of the people in the land of Canaan (Numbers 13-14).  Moses knows that he will not be entering the Promised Land due to his anger in striking the Rock rather than speaking to it.  Deuteronomy is a book of reminders to wholly follow the LORD and to learn from their sin and mistakes of the past.

In verse 21 of chapter 1 Moses said, “…Do not fear or be discouraged.”  These are good words for God’s people in any age; especially for those of us in 2018.  These words of verse 21 were spoken at KadeshBarnea when the people were about to refuse to go into the land due to reports 10 of the men sent brought back of giants in the land.  They began to be fearful, and ultimately rebelled against GOD, and then died as a result of it.  Those who rebelled at Kadesh never got to enter the Promised Land – they all died.  The lesson we can learn from that is obey the word of the LORD.

When we are walking in the Spirit of God and His Word we cannot be deterred, displaced, detoured, or discouraged by nay sayers, or the giants we envision and imagine.  We will not let over blown circumstances or big mouth people keep us from doing the work of the Lord or His will.  Follow the Lord Jesus Christ and live eternally with Him.  He died on the cross for you, was buried, and He rose again.  He is returning. O be with Him when He takes the Church away with Himself.

“Do Not Be Terrified, or afraid of them” (NKJB).  Child of God – Christian stand on the Word of God.

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