Reading Joshua 10 – 12 today…

“And the LORD said unto Joshua, Fear them not: for I have delivered them into thine hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee.”  Joshua 10:8 (KJB)

No one will believe this story unless they believe there is God who made all things, and will believe the Scriptures of Genesis through the Revelation.  There are probably many scientific reasons, and maybe quite reasonable reasons for saying this cannot happen.  However, it did.  There are many things science, neither the mind of men can explain.  Let us trust God, and believe His word.

Five kingdoms decided to team up against the inhabitants of Gibeon.  They (Gibeon – see chapter 9) had made, though  through deceit, a treaty with Israel.

Because Israel had promised in the name of the LORD to have this treaty they would stand by Gibeon and protect them as if they were their own people and God fought for them (Joshua 10:14).

The Scripture above (10:8) is very similar to others that tell us “Do not fear” and they are, and they are at a different time and day.  We need to hear words like these daily, reminding us to trust in the LORD.

These reminders are continued assurances to Israel and God’s people of every age that the battle is the LORD’S.  He is saying to us, “I have this. Leave it to Me.  Do not be afraid.”  If need be He can stop time to do it.

When Joshua went to fight the battle, and due to the threat of the setting sun and darkness he commanded the sun to stop its going down, and the sun stopped in its place; and stayed for about a whole day, and the battle was finished.

You could say that for about a whole day time stood still.  WOW!  What an amazing Creator God.  What is more amazing to me is that He loves us so much that He sent us His only Son to die on a cross, was buried, and bodily arose and came out of the grave victorious over the grave, hell, and death.  You can call on His name and He will hear you.


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