Faith and Courage

Reading Joshua 13 – 15 for today…

“Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel.”  Joshua 14:14  (KJB)

How is it that Caleb “Wholly followed the LORD God of Israel”?  When you hear of Caleb in reading Scripture he is always the one who seeks to do the will of God, to be used by Him to accomplish God’s purposes, and fulfill God’s promises in his life.  He does not go after those easy things.

The courage and faith of Caleb was to seek out the most difficult and trust the LORD for victory.

Caleb was one of the two who in the first viewing of Canaan by the twelve spies, returned with trust in God and victory in his heart to take the land (Numbers 13-14).  Joshua was the other, and as you can see they are the only two, over the age of twenty years who came into the land of Promise.

Too many times we seek after the easy things.  We do the easy thing on Sunday morning and do not attend worship at our local Church.  We do the easy thing and do not give the LORD His tithes.  We do the easy thing and go along with whatever the crown, everyone else, is doing.  We are given opportunity to be a verbal witness for Christ Jesus, His death, burial, and bodily resurrection and instead talk about anything else.  The easy thing is to stay in bed a bit longer rather than giving ourselves time for God, prayer, and His word.

Not Caleb (Read Joshua 15:13-19).  He asked for a task only God could handle, then proceeded to do it.

What does God have for me to do today that is bigger than I can handle?  Let us do it with a heart wholly given to Jesus Christ and in His name.  Victory.  In Faith and Courage.

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