The LORD Shall Rule

For your reading please read Judges 7 – 8…

“And Gideon said unto them, I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you: the LORD shall rule over you.”  Judges 8:23 (KJB)

It seems that the idea of having royalty or a monarchy is a romantic idea in many, if not most societies.  It was so in the very early days of Israel’s conquering, and divisions of Canaan.

We look at Gideon today, of whom Judges 8:23 speaks.  He was very successful because of God’s power and direction in his life, and for no other reason; as a judge – deliverer.  The people desired him to be their king, and his son, thus to establish a dynasty in the kingdom.  That, however, was not God’s will or intent for that time.

There is no need for royalty of men when men will submit to the rule of God in their hearts and minds, and their lands.  God has a King.  He is the King of kings.  His name is Jesus, and He is the Son of God, God the Son.  He is declared so in Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19, and John 12 as well.  He will reign forever and ever, when He returns and puts away sin and evil on this earth.

I love Gideon’s response to the people’s invitation to be king – “The LORD shall rule over you.”  But, then, Gideon himself was also only a man, and not without fault or without sin.  When he was dead the people turned back to worshiping the false gods (v. 33).

O, how God’s people ought to always keep themselves in the way of the Lord through daily prayer, reading and study of His word, and daily commitment to live for Him.  That is the way of His keeping us near to Himself (James 4:7-8).

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