Much Needed Repentance

Please read for today Judges 9 – 10…

“And the children of Israel said unto the LORD, ‘We have sinned: do Thou unto us whatsoever seemeth good unto Thee; deliver us only, we pray Thee, this day.'” Judges 10:15  (KJB)

Since the death of Gideon the tribes of Israel had grossly strayed from the path the LORD had laid out for them, and had turned to the worship of foreign gods, which means they had turned their backs on the LORD.  The LORD God was the One who had delivered them from Egypt, gave them deliverance through crossing the Red Sea, provided water from the Rock, given them manna for bread in the wilderness, and protected them from many enemies in their journey.  Yet they had gone astray in the land of Promise.

Reading chapters 9 – 10 of Judges we find departure, defeat, and chaos.  They are distressed by the enemy, overcome by the people whose gods they had turned to, and they again cry out to the One true God for deliverance.  God refuses to hear them (Judges 10:11-14).  The people confess “We have sinned!” and they submit themselves to the will of God – “Do whatever seems best to You.”  Then, they requested , “Deliver us today”  Now!

Is that not like the human mind.  So like us to cry for immediate deliverance, after we have sowed our wild oats (our sin).  We sow our wild oats, and pray for crop failure.  We live in sin, sowing seeds of evil, destruction, and death, and want to reap life everlasting with God..

There is forgiveness for our sin.  God loves you and me.  There is, however, only one way to receive forgiveness of sin, and that is through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God, God the Son.

Remember this too.  There are consequences for what we sow – good or bad.  “Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” Galations 6:7

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