Reading today from 2 Samuel 22 – 24…

“And David said unto Gad, ‘I am in a great strait: let us fall now into the hand of the LORD; for His mercies are great: and let me not fall into the hand of man.'”  2 Samuel 24:14  (KJB)

Probably because of pride David had called for a census of Israel.  He was king and he could do that; but for what purpose.  We are told from the first verse of this chapter that God moved the heart of David or aroused his heart to do that census.  So, it is God’s fault right?  NOT!  The Lord GOD has a way of bringing our sins to the surface, but God does not cause us to sin (James 1:13-15).

I love David’s statement, “Let us fall into the hand of the LORD…”  To me there is no better, and no safer place to be than in the hands of the Almighty God.

The King had been given three choices for judging his sin of pride.  I suppose it was pride that caused him to number the people; thinking that he was over a great kingdom, and he alone ruled.

There was a time when I was a pastor at a certain church that there was a blessed brother in Christ who seemed to be an irritation to me, and sometimes to other members of the church.  At one point following a morning worship service he challenged someone else about an issue, and there was a scene on the street.  I went out, and I remember my last words to him that day;  “I am tired of trying to deal with you.  I place you in the hands of God.”  Then, I walked away.  The scene was over, and everybody went home.

In the hands of God is the best place to be.  He is merciful.  It is because of His mercy that you and me have a beating heart today; why we can take our next breath of air.

Place your life in the hands of God.  He sent His Son Jesus to die for you.  He died on that cross, was buried, then He rose from that grave alive; and He lives forevermore.

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