“And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD.” 2 Chronicles 12:14  (KJB)

Rehoboam is the one, the king, of whom the text speaks.  He was Solomon’s son, David’s grandson; and he had no heart for God.  O, he humbled himself when he realized he was about to lose it all (2 Chronicles 12:5-8), but it was not enduring.

The verse above says it all.  He lost ten tribes of Israel due to his greed, his lust for power, wealth, and fame.  That in itself is a seed of corruption, and departure from God and His word.

Now, there are some who might read this thinking that this is sure a negative post.  Well in that realm of thinking you could be right.  Let us look at this a different way.  It was negative when the prophet came to Rehoboam and warned him, and it  had a positive outcome – God was merciful to him.

How does one prepare their heart to seek the LORD?  Prayer, the reading and study of God’s word, and faithful to do His will.  The king was out for himself.  The “Me Too” group is an evil bunch, out for themselves and nothing more.  No Christian can link themselves to such evil, and be at peace with God.

When a man, a woman, or a boy, or a girl are seeking fulfillment from the people, popularity, power, places, and wealth of this world they are not seeking God, but evil.  When you seek evil; it will come.  Someone may ask, “What is evil?”  The answer to that question is not hard to answer.  Anything that distracts us from God, His Son, His word, and His will is evil.

Seek His Son Jesus Christ.  The One who died for our sins, was buried, and He rose again.  That same One will come again and receive unto Himself all those who know Him.  Turn from evil and turn to Christ Jesus.

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