“And he gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and the strangers with them out of Ephraim and Manasseh, and out of Simeon: for they fell to him out of Israel in abundance, when they saw that the LORD his God was with him.” 2 Chronicles 15:9  (KJB)

It is said of King Asa that he did right in the eyes of the LORD.  The LORD worked in and through Asa to draw many people to Himself.  As the above verse tells us many even came from the northern kingdom of Israel, from those three tribes, because “…they saw that the LORD his God was with him.”

I am praying that the Lord God can be seen in me, at work in me, and through me; and for that very reason; if God is not glorified in and through me there is no point to life or living.

I want the same for every Christian.  I do not care what your lot in life is.  Whether you are materially wealthy with a fancy car, big fine house or if you are living in a broken down shack in the woods we are to live as Christ Jesus lived.  Loving God, doing His commandments, and loving others.

Maybe when we start living like the warriors of Christ we are supposed to be; fighting evil, not good and godly people and things, then maybe we would be like a glass house where God is seen in us by those around us.

Then, they will come.

Let us who are Christians give the rightful place to the Spirit of God in us.  Let others see Christ in you.

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