What Difference Does Prayer Make?

Some great truths on Prayer from Brother Cameron Cloud.


The old adage is true. God works in the circumstances of our lives through prayer. But, more often, prayer changes the one who is praying.

There are times in my Christian life when it is necessary for me to be transformed through prayer. The process of submissively praying about a matter has the power to alter my will, adjust my focus, and improve my perspective of both God and the request. I can’t pray and remain the same.

At times it seems God’s plan is to change me before He changes things. Sometimes, it seems His plan is to change me and leave things as they are (once I’ve been changed there may be no need for my situation to be altered). Either way, I approach the throne seeking His work in me along with His direct intervention in my request.

So, Prayer Changes Things. More importantly, Prayer Changes Me.

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Wednesday Prayer


Christ’s all-sufficient aid is available through prayer! Encouraging reminder from F. B. Meyer:

“If any will dare to venture forth on the path of separation — cutting themselves aloof from all human aid and from all self-originated effort, content to walk alone with God with no help from any but Him — such will find that all the resources of the divine almightiness will be placed at their disposal . . . Why do we run to and fro for help of man when the power of God is within reach?”

F. B. Meyer

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